Our objective is our customers objective: to bring products to market as quickly as possible whilst keeping costs to a minimum.

The Compliance Management Group are available to assist manufacturers with any part of the approvals process as defined below:

Type Approval Testing

  • Providing advice and consultancy of world wide type approval standards for IT, Electronics, Medical, Communication equipment.
  • Established working relationships with nationally accredited test laboratories.
  • Completion of all application documents required for the regulatory type approval testing.
  • Progress chasing the regulatory testing through to the completion of the test report.


  • Working relationships with the regulatory certification bodies around the world.
  • Advice and assistance with local agency requirements. Advise on translation requirements.
  • Collation of all documentation required for the application. Completion of all application forms and submittal of the application for certification.
  • Progress chasing the approval through to the completion verified by the type approval certificate.
  • Assistance with factory audits where required by the type approval laws.
  • ICM can also provide appointed in-country local approval holders where required.